Spinosaurus Coloring Pages

This is our spinosaurus coloring pages collection. Select the spinosaurus dinosaur you want to color and download the free coloring page that features the dino image that you want. Here is some more cool facts about the spinosaurus (downloadable fact sheet).

spinosaurus coloring pages
This is a spinosaurus
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Curious baby Spinosaurus

This baby Spinosaurus just hatched earlier today and went to the nearby forest to explore. While exploring, they were amazed at all the new things they got to see. There were plants, animals, volcanoes, and more. They are excited to continue to explore the new world around them. What color …

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Goofy Spinosaurus

This Spinosaurus likes to make those around them laugh. One of their favorite ways to make people laugh is to make good faces. Below, you can see this Spinosaurus practicing silly faces to do in front of their friends and family. What color will you make this goofy Spinosaurus? Make …

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Exploring Spinosaurus

Here is a Stegosaurus going exploring the forest. This Spinosaurus was always a little nervous about going to explore too far away so they would stay near their home when walking. But today, they decided to walk around new areas. They were excited by the trees, mountains, and other scenery …

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Unique Spinosaurus

Here is a happy Spinosaurus posing for a picture. This Spinosaurus is drawn a little differently than some of the other Spinosaurus coloring pages. Just like people, it is likely that dinosaurs were unique as well. What are some of the things that make you unique? How will you color …

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Sneaky Spinosaurus

This Spinosaurus likes to play pranks on his friends. Today, he decided that he was going to sneak up on his friends and family to scare them. In the picture below, you can see him sneaking around, excited to startle his friends and make him and them laugh. What color …

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Silly Spinosaurus

This Spinosaurus likes to joke around with his friends. Today, he thought it would be funny to walk around the neighborhood telling jokes. In the picture below, you can see him walking around excited to share his jokes and make people laugh. What color will you make this Spinosaurus? Make …

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Spinosaurus Fact Sheet

Ready to learn about the pointy-spined dinosaur called the Spinosaurus? This dinosaur fact sheet about Spinosaurus is free to download as a printable PDF document. What does the name Spinosaurus mean? Spinosaurus translates to “spine lizard”. This name was given to it because of the tall spines on its back. …

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