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Keep your kids busy for hours with these free dinosaur coloring pages

Welcome to Dino Coloring. This site is for fans of both dinosaurs and coloring. If you like to color in dinos, then you have come to the right place. We have collections of dinosaur colorimng pages below. Simply click on the type of dinos saur that interests you and choose the image you would like. You can download each page for free and print it. If you want to buy one of our special curated dinosaur coloring collections for a few dollars and download more than 60 pages in one easy download then click here

We have hundreds of free colorig pages on this site. Start by choosing from the dropdown below or from the categories displayed.

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Dino Facts

Do you love dinosaur facts? Browse our dinosaur facts pages and download the dinosaur fact sheets for free. Our collection has just started but it is ever-growing.