Parasaurolophus Coloring Pages

Parasaurolophus coloring pages here will help you imagine what color this big dinosaur was. You can choose your own colors dinosaurs became famous in the Jurassic World movie series. They hunt in packs and are very fast. Here are some coloring pages for you to download for free. Want to learn more about the parasaurolophus? Learn facts here.

This is a Parasaurolophus.

Shy Baby Parasaurolophus

This baby Parasaurolophus hatched earlier this week and is still learning to understand those around them. They are still young and a little shy and nervous about the world and the people around them, but they are slowly starting to open up. They are excited to continue to learn about …

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Courageous Parasaurolophus

Here is a Parasaurolophus going exploring the forest. This Parasaurolophus was always a little nervous about going to explore too far away so they would stay near their home when walking. But today, they decided to walk around new areas. They were excited by the trees, mountains, and other scenery …

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Sneaky Parasaurolophus

This Parasaurolophus likes to play pranks on his siblings. Today, he decided that he was going to sneak up and scare them. In the picture below, you can see him sneaking around, excited to startle his siblings and make him and them laugh. What color will you make this Parasaurolophus? …

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Walking Parasaurolophus

Here is a Parasaurolophus going for a walk in the forest. This Spinosaurus was always a little nervous about going to explore too far away, but today, they decided to walk around new areas. They were excited by the trees, mountains, and other scenery they saw and wants to explore …

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Grandpa Parasaurolophus

Here is Grandpa Parasaurolophus going for walk to visit his grandchildren. Grandpa here is starting to get more wrinkles on his body as he gets older. How else do you think Parasaurolophus changes as they get older? Color in grandpa how you think Parasaurolophus look as they grow old. Don’t …

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Parasaurolophus Fact Sheet

Ready to learn about the near crested dinosaur called the Parasaurolophus? This dinosaur fact sheet about Parasaurolophus is free to download as a printable PDF document.

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Exploring Parasaurolophus

Here is Parasaurolophus exploring the forest after hearing a loud boom to look for what caused it. After an hour of looking, they came across a smoking volcano and realized that the loud boom they heard earlier from the volcano erupting. What color will you use for the Parasaurolophus? Make …

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Smiling Parasaurolophus

Here is smiling Parasaurolophus on their way to visit their best friend. Visiting best friends makes this Parasaurolophus even happier, so that is why there is a smile on their face. Who is your life do you get happy and excited to visit? This smiling is ready to be colored. …

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Dino playdate

These four babies in this picture are a Spinosaurus, a Parasaurolophus, a Plesiosaur, and Triceratops. Their parents set up this playdate so they could get to know each other better and become good friends. Color in these four babies using the colors you like. You can make them match or …

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