Carcharodontosaurus coloring pages

This is our growing Carcharodontosaurus coloring page collection. The Carcharodontosaurus is not a well known dinosaur but he is popular among kids that like to color dinosaurs because he has bumps and spikes and really interesting skin. Plus he is ferocious like the T-Rex.

Choose the dino below you want to color and click to access the page were you can download the coloring page you have selected. It is free. It comes as a PDF or PNG file. And the pages are printable.

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Happy Carcharodontosaurus

Here is a happy Carcharodontosaurus going for a walk through a field. Walking through the fields is one of his favorite activities and he also loves to sing while he is doing it. What song do you think this happy Carcharodontosaurus is singing? Color in this Carcharodontosaurus how you think …

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