Ankylosaurus Fact Sheet


Ready to learn about the heavily armor-plated dinosaur called the Ankylosaurus? This dinosaur fact sheet about the Ankylosaurus is free to download as a printable PDF document.

What does the name Ankylosaurus mean?

Ankylosaurus translates to “fused lizard”, “stiff lizard”, or “curved lizard”. It was given that name because the bones in its skull and body were fused. This is in reference to the medical term ankylosis, which is the stiffness of a joint caused by the fusions of bones in the body.

What family was the Ankylosaurus from?

The Ankylosaurus is part of the Ankylosauridae family. It is a family of dinosaurs that were herbivores and walked exclusively on four legs.

What did the Ankylosaurus eat?

The Ankylosaurus was a herbivore, existing on low-growing prehistoric plant life. It is believed that it had a varied diet of leaves, fruits, ferns, shrubs, and other dry vegetation.

When and where did the Ankylosaurus live?

The Ankylosaurus lived in what is now in Western North America at the very end of the Cretaceous Period, about 66 million to 68 million years ago.

How big was the Ankylosaurus?

It is believed that the Ankylosaurus could grow to 1.7 m. (5.6 ft.) tall, 7.5-10.7 m. (23-25 ft.) long, and weigh about 3-6 tonnes.

When were the first remains of an Ankylosaurus found?

The first remains of an Ankylosaurus were found in 1906 by American paleontologist Barnum Brown in the Hell Creek Formation, near Gilbert Creek, Montana, United States. He found part of a skull, two teeth, part of the shoulder girdle, vertebrae, ribs, and armor plates.

What are some unique features of the Ankylosaurus?

The most distinctive feature of the Ankylosaurus was its body armor. The Ankylosaurus was covered in armor plates called osteoderms embedded in its skin, believed to help protect it against predators or attackers. The armor plates have not been found attached to other parts of its remains, so the exact locations on the body are uncertain.

What are other interesting facts about the Ankylosaurus?

The Ankylosaurus has a large tail club that had the potential to be used with a lot of force. It is believed to be part of the dinosaur’s armor that could be used to defend against predators.

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